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As box lacrosse continues its explosive growth, the Long Island NY based company American Pride Events is excited to do its part to help grow the game in the enchanted land Down Under. That’s Australia, mate!

Working with the Australian Box Lacrosse federation, they are aiming to bring North American senior teams to Australia for a tournament in February 2025. “I know it’s an overused cliché,” says American Pride president Ed Ryder, “but this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s pioneering.”

The original idea for the tournament was born out of a desire to avoid off days in Australia’s national championship. That is to say, three of their six states field box teams for the championship so that forces them to have bye rounds. It was therefore envisioned that the visiting North Americans could participate as an exhibition team, called the President’s Team. Well, wouldn’t you know that as word has trickled out into the box lacrosse community, interest is such that the lofty goal of growing the tournament into a full-blown box lacrosse carnival has emerged.

American Pride are now looking for two women’s teams, two men’s teams, and a team each of free agents to join them Down Under in February 2025 for a truly historic moment in the history of Australian box lacrosse. Ambitious? Certainly, but as the Aussie box lacrosse president Ric Benedierks says, “Aim for the moon and you just might hit the out house!” LOL

If this is something your team or you as a free agent might be interested in, you’re invited to inquire at

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